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Why did I receive an email that my OpenRounds access has been removed?

This email notifies you that your OpenRounds account associated with that respective email is no longer active.

This notification is sent when a user has registered for the site previously, but is no longer permitted to access OpenRounds utilizing that account, and that the account information has been removed from OpenRounds.

Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Your home club is no longer partnered with OpenRounds;
  • Your home club staff has informed OpenRounds that you are no longer a member of that club;
  • Your home club membership has been suspended or not yet renewed;
  • You have asked the OpenRounds team to eliminate your account.

If you feel a mistake has been made, or are interested in learning more about why this may have happened, please contact your home club professional staff.

If you have changed your private club affiliation, and would like to access OpenRounds through a new club membership, please contact the OpenRounds team at yourcaddy@openrounds.com or by calling (888) 765-7707.